You don’t have to dread getting a new headshot! Just follow these simple tips to prepare for your session…


  1. Clothes. Prepare your outfit the day before so you don’t need to stress the day of. What clothes are best for a headshot? Read our detailed article on wardrobe here.
  2. Skin. Hydrate to dominate! Drinking water is fantastic to make sure your skin is at its best! Also, go for a healthy salad rather than salty, greasy fries too. Finally, lots of sleep will help avoid those dark circles.
  3. Hair. Schedule that haircut or color at least a week Before your headshot. Freshly cut hair can look a little funny in photos, and we want to make sure you look awesome! Bonus points: bring a hairbrush to your session for last minute touch-ups. For facial hair, whether you’re trimming, plucking, or shaving, choose your best look ahead of time. If you rock the day after stubble, go for it. If you get a super sleek shave without any signs of irritation, don’t hold back. Trust your gut and personal experience here!
  4. Teeth. We will do a bit of whitening, but try to avoid foods and drinks that stain. Flossing is a must!
  5. Peace of Mind. We send you an email with wardrobe tips and easy directions. Don’t forget to snag our number and be in contact with us as needed. Allow plenty of time to arrive on time. Once you get here, it’s quick and easy, and you’ll be laughing at some silly thing Steve says and before you know it, you’ll have your new headshot!


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