Everyone Needs a Great Business Headshot!

No matter what industry you work in, a business headshot is a must-have. Every successful professional has a professional profile photo on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Company Website. What does your profile photo say about you? Trustworthy, Confident, Successful, Perfectionist —or— something else.😩

Before anyone makes a buying decision, they research the person that they are buying from.  You have less than 3 seconds to make a great online first impression. A professional portrait taken by a professional photographer is a must!

Here are a few tips for your website portraits.

Be Current  

Photos of you should actually look like you. Your business headshot should be updated every 3-5 years.

It’s okay to have your executive headshot retouched, but not over retouched where it becomes obvious. A skilled retouch artist can improve your look without looking fake. You want people to know and recognize you, which is ultimately the reason for including a photo in the first place.

Represent Your Industry

The industry you work in determines how you should look in your executive portraits. A lawyer or CEO should be wearing a suit, whereas an actor or book author can get away with wearing something more creative or colorful.  Executive Wardrobe Tips

Remember this is an image that will represent you professionally so you want it to reflect the culture of the career path you are in.

Make a Connection

Your executive portraits help you connect to others, especially on your website. With this in mind, the final tip is to make sure your photo is engaging. You want it to resonate with people in a warm and inviting way, so they can connect with you before they ever contact you.

The right photographer, one with a personality, can get you relaxed and comfortable enough for you to “genuinely” smile in front the camera.  One must appear warm and approachable to make a personal connection with his or her target audience.

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