Executive portraits or headshots are an easy and necessary way to put a face on your business.  In a world that is becoming increasingly more connected, posting a photo on a social media site, website or other touchstone gives business contacts a personal feel that is important.  Here are five ways to determine if you need a new photo:

  1. Is your executive image more than 5 years old?  If so, it’s probably time for an update.  Styles change and you want your headshot to reflect your best self, and a business that thrives on positive change and growth.
  2. Has the scope of your business changed?  If your business has grown, or your audience has changed, you should take a look at your images to make sure they reflect the new direction.  Not just photos, but product shots, logos, and websites all need to reflect your positioning and must speak to your target audience.
  3. Have you hired new employees?  Don’t forget to get new photos of your new employees. And if you have group shots, you’ll want to make sure that everyone is represented and included. With the holidays coming, this is also a good time to take those group shots for use in holidays cards.
  4. Have you moved or changed locations?  If you’ve changed locations or moved to a new office, you must get the word out and photos are a good way to do so.  A photo of your staff in front of your new office speaks to the change and gives you a visual for a mailer with your new address.  Or, if you are in an industry that sees a lot of client traffic such as a doctor’s office, you may want to get shots of your new offices and updated technology.
  5. Does your executive photo accurately represent you and/or your business?  Take a close look at all the photos you have representing your company.  Are corporate photos up to date? Is the focus of your business clearly articulated visually?  Do your photos reflect your company culture? If not, now is a good time to take inventory of what you need and begin to update all your images. And really think about how you communicate your culture.  If you’re a creative firm, your images should be fresh and unique. If you’re more conservative, your images should reflect that as well.
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