Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell digital images?

Yes.  We sell Web Quality  and  Print Quality Digital Images.

WEB Quality:

72 dpi 600x425px. Perfect for Facebook, digital frames, slideshows and mobile devices.

Basic: $35 – $15 each depending on quantity ordered.

Deluxe (retouched): $60 – $30 ea. depending on quantity ordered

PRINT Quality:

300 dpi  1.5 MB  2100x1500px. Perfect for publications and prints up to 8×10.

Basic: $65 – $35 each depending on quantity ordered.

Deluxe (retouched): $100 – $70 each depending on quantity ordered

What are the studio session fees?

30 min. Studio Session / choice of 30 images: $175 (includes $100 minimum purchase)

40 min. Studio Session / choice of 40 images: $200 (includes $100 minimum purchase)

55 min. Studio Session / choice of 55 images: $225 (includes $100 minimum purchase)

70 min. Studio Session / choice of 70 images: $250 (includes $100 minimum purchase)


Do you offer retouching?

Yes, we’re happy to retouch your photos as you prefer (Additional charges apply):

  • Deluxe:  Removal of blemishes and stray hair. Soften facial lines, darkness under eyes and facial shine.
  • Celebrity: Removal of all imperfections. Flawless skin, whiten teeth and more.
  • Premium: Face/Head swaps, wardrobe corrections, swap backgrounds.
What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express.

Lay-a-way / payment plans are available.


Family Portraits on Location: Session Fee and Purchase Minimum due 48 hours prior to creative session.

Family Portraits in Studio: Session Fee and Purchase Minimum due at the time of your creative session.

How long do you keep my images?
Archive Policies

Once your digital images have been delivered safely to you, we no longer accept any liability for your images.

As a courtesy, we will archive your purchased digital images (with no liability) for one year at no charge. After one year, a disaster recovery fee will be charged to provide additional copies. We store un-purchased digital images for 6 months.

We strongly recommend creating two back up copies of your digital images, and storing them on two different hard drives.

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