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A picture speaks a thousand words. This is particularly true when it comes to family portraits. Family portraits capture the soul of the relationship you share with each of your family members. It is a valuable and memorable moment!
The clothing is very important…as important as the location and the photographer.

Choosing the Right Style starts with your Home Decor.

How would you describe your home decor? Traditional, Eclectic, Modern?
What are the primary colors? Warm, Cool, Neutral or Vibrant?

Determining Your Style
By studying the colors and furnishings in your living-room, family-room or dining room, you will begin understanding your Personal Style. Our goal is that your Family Portrait will reflect your personal style while enhancing your home decor.

Formal - Casual - Classic - Lifestyle

Color Style Options
Classic: Same color or similar tones of the same color.
Modern: Similar colors from a coordinated color palette.

Gather the outfits and accessories in the colors that you’ve determined will work best in your room, lay everything on the floor (or sofa), and look at them from afar. How do the colors work with the colors in your room? Take a picture from far away, to include the elements of your room and a close up picture of the outfits and email it to us. Please measure the dominate piece of furniture in your first photo and include the measurements with your email

Solid Colors and Long Sleeves Are Best
Bare arms and legs should be avoided in a family photograph. Women should wear full-length trousers or long skirts, rather than a short dress. Leave short dresses for a single portrait of yourself. Clothes should be comfortable and well fitting, and necklines and dress styles should be simple. Since a family portrait will last forever, wear clothes that are timeless and not ones that are temporarily in style.

Avoid mixing formal attire with casual wear.
Try to avoid mixing light colors with dark colors.
Try to avoid white… off white and pastels are better for high key portraits

Be Subtle: It means simple!
Avoid bright, flashy colors and prints, or any clothing that shines too much. This is true of accessories (belts, hair accessories, jewelry, watches) too. Even if you are choosing to have a black and white portrait, avoid wearing
very bold or graphic prints. Again, these steal the show and the essence of the family portrait is lost. A family portrait is not the best time to wear flashy, designer clothing.

Layers & Accessories
Layers & accessories add dimension, pizazz, fun, texture and therefore richness to the overall look. Colored undershirts, vests, sweaters and jackets to provide layers. Cardigan, necklace, headband, scarf, tights, hats, ties. Limit Your Accessories: For a family portrait it is advisable to wear minimal accessories. For instance, instead of wearing bulky earrings, you could wear small pearl or diamond studs. Instead of a bulky, shining watch, you could wear a watch
that is sleek and does not stand out among the rest of your clothing.

Pay Attention to Detail: Don’t be so engrossed in what to wear for family portraits that you forget about the smaller details involved. Style your hair well, keep your nails clean, your hands looking fresh, and take care of your facial skin too. All these come together to give you a complete look.

Plan ahead
Make sure you start this planning when you book your session (hopefully a few weeks before it takes place). Be thinking of it, look around in your home/closets, shop well in advance so you aren’t stressing at the last minute.

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