Wardrobe Tips for a Professional Head-shot

Solid Colors are Best
Choose a solid color for your wardrobe. Solid colors create a classic and timeless look that will endure throughout the years. Please avoid patterns, bold stripes, polka-dots, and florals. Try to avoid white… it doesn’t photograph well. Your wardrobe should compliment… NOT compete with your face.  
Long Sleeves are Best
Less skin is more! Neck ties, high collars, turtlenecks or anything else high on the neck is recommended. Long sleeves, and long pants are also highly recommended. Low necks draw attention away from the face. Short sleeves make your arms look fat!
Darker Colors 
Darker colors slenderize and minimize! We recommend colors like black, brown, hunter green, burgundy, royal and navy blue, etc. 
Accent with Power Colors  red, yellow, light blue, pink, etc. 
Dry Clean your jacket prior to your session. Please make sure your wardrobe is lint and stain free!
Your Face
Facial shine is extremely detrimental to a great portraiture. Any person with oily, shiny, or perspiring skin should wash their face and/or dust the skin with cosmetic powder just prior to your photo session. Feel free to bring cosmetic powder with you to reapply as needed during the photographic session. When correctly applied, concealer can go a long way in hiding imperfections and can save you money in retouching charges.
Do not schedule a facial or any kind of skin treatment within one week prior to your photo session.
Ladies: Apply normal day time makeup or slightly heavier than normal and add some color to the cheeks and lips. 
Men: To avoid 5:00 shadow, it is best to be clean shaven 2 hours before the session.
It is not recommended to change your hairstyle just before your photographic session. Style your hair and use hair spray to hold it in place. (Men too!) Please bring hair spray and hair brushes to the photosession for final touches.
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