What should I wear to my photo session?

Whether you’re looking for a traditional executive head-shot or going for a casual look, here are a few tips on what to wear to get the best photo possible.

  1. Choose Solid Shirts, Blouses and Jackets  Solid colored clothing is always the best!   Busy patterns are distracting, confusing and draw attention away from the most your face. 

  2. Stick to warm, darker colors - We recommend Dark colors like black, gray, brown, hunter green and burgundy for your jacket. Medium colors for shirts and blouses. Avoid white. Choose bright, power colors like red, royal blue, gold or purple for ties and scarfs.

  3. Avoid Facial Shine - Everyone (even men) need a little maintenance or touch up to remove shiny or perspiring skin. I freshly cleaned face and some cosmetic powder will do the trick. Both can be done in our private dressing room. Men should also try to avoid a 5:00 shadow by shaving approximately two hours before the shoot. Women (and men) should avoid a facial or skin treatment the week before your scheduled shoot.

  4. Lint & Stain Free - Most of us don’t wear our sport jackets on a regular basis and we pull them out of retirement without really looking at them. Please make sure you inspect you sport jacket for stains from corporate lunches, lint and cat hair from home.

  5. Settle on a hairstyle prior to the day of your scheduled shoot - We don’t recommend changing your hairstyle before you take your photos. Instead, find a cut or style you’re comfortable with, a couple weeks prior. And don’t forget to bring hairspray and a brush to the shoot.



What to wear for your photo session | The Gallery StudiosWhat to wear for your photo session | The Gallery StudiosWhat to wear for your photo session | The Gallery Studios

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