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Steve Poisall Tampa Photographer

A 40 year proven track record of providing superior photography solutions and luxury experience for busy professionals.

There is no substitute for experience!

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A Message from Steve

I was introduced to photography at age 18 while attending a small college in Maryland. I soon discovered that I loved interacting and photographing people. I sought out a mentor in the photography industry and eagerly absorbed everything I could about lighting, posing, and interacting with people.
Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I opened my first portrait photography studio at Clearwater Mall, in Clearwater, Florida at age 22. I was ready to change the world with my imagery. I believed that creating beautiful images of people could help them tell their stories and build their confidence.
Forty years later my love for interacting and photographing people has not wavered. I get so much joy and satisfaction from building the confidence of my subjects through delivering a finished piece of very personal art that projects Confidence, Warmth, and Trust. There are still a lot of people out there that don’t like to be photographed and avoid it at all costs. I believe I can change that behavior with a little psychology, a strong dose of self-confidence, a touch of humor, and 40 years of photography experience.
I want to build self-confidence in each of my subjects. I want each person to realize their unique qualities and embrace them proudly, with new confidence. I want to be remembered as the photographer that "took the time and interest to create the best photo I have ever had taken”


MY PASSION: Building confidence in others and making people laugh.

MY VALUES:  Earning Trust through Honesty.  Under Promise and Over Deliver!

About Our Studio

The Gallery Studios is a Hyde Park-based photography studio run by photographer, Steve Poisall. With a 40 year proven track record as a successful studio owner, Steve combines his Classic Portraiture training, Imagination, and Artistic Innovation to stay current with today’s business needs. Steve is an extrovert, comedian, confident artist, and perfectionist.

 The studio is equipped with state of the art (7 light) Paul Buff lighting system, Deny backgrounds, top of the line Canon camera tethered to a MacBook Pro which is tethered to a big screen TV for an instant, luxury viewing and selecting experience. During the photo-session, Steve will set you at ease, motivate you, and build your confidence to inspire warm and confident expression. Steve is an expert at Photoshop Retouching, ensuring that you will look your very best.

Our Specialities

  • Executive Headshots:   In-Studio or on-Location (around town, corporate office, at a corporate event, and green screen)
  • Corporate Events:   Awards, General Sessions, Large Group photos, Multi-media Shows
  • Commercial Photography:  Marketing photos for businesses, Architectural, Aerial/Drone photography and video, Graphic Design, and Welcome/Bio Videos.

Ultimately, we’re all about integrity. We care more about our client’s individual needs rather than making the sale. We have created an atmosphere of trust in our art and in our business ethics. You can expect and rely on us to provide you with results that go above and beyond.