Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Images: Terms & Definitions & Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Images: Terms and Definitions

Web Quality: Small, compressed digital photo perfect for Social Media and Websites. Up to 2MB.  Not large enough to print.

Print Quality: Larger digital photo perfect for any Publication up to 8.5 x 11 Up to 12 MB.


Jpg: Jpeg. Most common digital photo format. (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

PNG: Allows for a Transparent Background. Use with Green Screen application. (Portable Network Graphic)

Gif:  Allows for animated / moving Graphics or Photos  (Graphic Interchange Format)

Do you do Retouching?

We are happy to retouch your photos as much or as little as you want.

  • $ Deluxe:  Removal of blemishes and stray hair. Soften facial lines, darkness under eyes and facial shine.
  • $$ Celebrity: Removal of all imperfections. Flawless skin, whiten teeth and more.
  • $$$ Premium: Face/Head swaps, wardrobe corrections, swap backgrounds.
What is your turn around time?

Headshots: 72 hours.

Corporate Events: 96 hours.

4 hr.  8hr.  24hr. RUSH Services available

Do you do Green-Screen effects?

Yes, we are very experienced with green-screen capture, background removal / replacement for marketing photos and video.

We can provide PNG Photos with transparent background –or– a finished photo with the new background of your choice. Many stock background photos in our archives. (Tampa city scapes, executive offices, etc)

Do you do Video?
Video Services:
  • Executive: Interviews, Elevator Speeches, Demonstrations. InStudio – OnLocation
  • Corporate Events: Awards Presentations, Keynote Speakers, Multi-media Closing Shows and more.
  • Green Screen
  • Drone
Can you help me with Ad Design and/or Video Editing?

Yes, we can assist you with your ad design and video editing projects. Steve has 30 years experience with Adobe Photoshop and 20 years with Adobe Premiere.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, Checks, and all major Credit Cards. MC, Visa, American Express.


Personal / Business: Before or during Photo-Session

Established Corporate Accounts: 30 days

Why does it matter to keep your team's professional headshots up to date?

Team and employee professional headshots on your company website connect faces to your business and help build your brand online. But businesses change, move locations, and acquire new prospects. How do you keep your company image up to date with your current team composition? In my many years of corporate photography work, I have come up with several solutions.

Employee Group Photos

Group photos pose a challenge for businesses as employees come and go. It can take extensive scheduling and coordination to get everyone together every time there are new hires. However, with the power of Photoshop, one group photo can be taken and then edited as time goes on. New employees can be photographed individually against the same background with the same light settings, then added into the picture with much less hassle.

Individual Employee Headshots

With individual headshots, scheduling time for new hires to have their portrait taken can be simplified by integrating your company’s photographer into your onboarding routine. I have several clients for whom I am part of their new employee orientation process—the portraits are done right from the start and no extra scheduling is necessary.

I have other clients who make me a part of their yearly company-wide meeting. I provide portraits for whoever wants them during a lunch break. Again, this combines two events into one, and assures most employees can get their portraits taken  conveniently at their event.

Moving Offices

Company growth is often marked with a change in headquarters, and moving into a new space is the perfect opportunity to update your professional portraits. I like using my clients’ office spaces as backdrops for their headshots—often they design their own spaces to reflect their business personality and brand. It makes sense to refresh the company look to match the new environment. It is also a great PR opportunity to show off your space and talk about the exciting changes happening in your business.

New Office

Consistency in photography is key for all my clients. Their professional headshots and group photos across time need to have the same look. I light them similarly, using identical camera settings, and review previous photos to keep the same feel even though backdrops and ambient lighting may differ.

If you need anything from simple business portraits to unique brand photography, I am comfortable taking professional headshots in the field or the studio. You can contact us here.

Why Does Brand Matter With My Headshot?

There is one detail we should address If you would like to attract potential new clients or customers to your professional website or social media accounts. A professional corporate headshot that will allow you to appear trustworthy and expert in your particular field.

The challenge becomes, how do you make sure a professional headshot matches your brand? How do you capture the ideal corporate headshot in Tampa when you have no clue where you need to start? Continue reading to learn how you can make sure your headshot can help your brand excel!

  1. The process begins with the right Tampa headshot photographer. To find the right corporate photographer, you need to review their website portfolio where you can look at samples of professional headshots.

    Look for Tampa headshot photographer who specializes in business headshots and features business headshots on their website. Unlike the ‘Jack of all Trades” photographers, a Tampa headshot photographer who’s primary focus is corporate headshots will possess a corporate mentality and understanding of your industry.

    Love it or hate it, a professional headshot is a task you cannot complete on your own. Professional photographers exist for a reason and, thankfully, amongst us, you will find Tampa photographers who specialize in capturing corporate headshots.

    A corporate, headshot photographer can help you identify the ideal style for your corporate headshot. Is your brand fun, casual, lifestyle, is it completely serious or is it minimalistic? Only an experienced Tampa professional photographer can help you understand and achieve a corresponding look with the proper pose, proper wardrobe what is best to wear, colors to wear, the right kind of styling, and everything else you need to know. The end result is that your executive headshot will be consistent with and reinforce your brand.

    To find the right corporate photographer, you need to review their portfolio where you can look at samples of professional headshots.

    The questions you want to ask yourself need to include:

    • Have they worked with similar high-end clients?
    • Do they prefer studio light or natural light?
    • Do they capture motion shots well?
    • Are their headshots one-dimensional, or do they appear interactive?

No matter what, you need to look at their portfolio as a whole and see if they talk to you. You do not have to choose to work with people you have worked within the past. Each photographer has his or her own area of relative expertise.

  1. Wardrobe matters

    You have heard it more than once but the first impression does matter. It really matters. Think of your professional photograph as the first chance you will have to make an impression with potential future clients who know nothing about you.

    A key factor that can help determine how they feel about you?  Styling!

    To come up with the right appearance, you need to conduct a brand review first. Is it vibrant and fun or more serious? Is it ultimately both?

    No matter if you are fun or serious, you need to look like you are trustworthy and professional. This is actually a great piece of advice for life in general, not just your profile headshot.

  2. Think about your setting

    Taking a company photo in front of a simple white wall feels boring. However, a headshot is unique.

    Have you seen a headshot taken in front of a white wall? What does that communicate to a potential client? The feeling of “ just getting by,” “not concerned about details” and “unprofessional” comes to mind. feels a little bit boring, doesn’t it?

    On the other hand, a professional headshot with professional lighting and background in a great-looking setting will engage your audience even more. Still, Keep your headshot background relevant and consistent with your brand, the particular product or service you plan to market.

  3. Feel like you need a change/re-brand? Do some research!

    Check what others are doing in your industry. What resonates with you? How they leverage photography? Pick and choose the styling aspects that appeal to you and make them your own. I have worked with hundreds of marketing professionals over the years and I can help you put all of the pieces together.

    There is no law that prevents you from keeping track of the competition. Review how they leverage photography and think about how you can take it to the next level.

Of course, as I stated at the start, you really do need to find a creative headshot photographer as a marketing partner that will take your marketing success to the next level. Thank goodness, you found my website and do not need to spend any more time searching for a well-rounded Tampa headshot photographer. 

Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer For Your Event

There are many different details to plan when you’re hosting an event and are inviting hundreds of guests. Although you want may want to focus on the food that is served or the decor that is on display, the amount of fun that your guests have is the most important part of the event. When you want to enhance the quality of your event, there are a few benefits of hiring an event photographer.

Promote Future Events
A photographer will capture the highlights of the event, as well as certain moments that you might have missed. You can use the event photos to promote future parties that you plan and show how much fun everyone had while celebrating a milestone or a newly released product. Obtaining high-quality images will allow your business to appear more professional and reputable when you post the images on social media accounts or use them in future ads. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll continue to be successful as a company by using a photographer that will record the event from beginning to end.

Engage Your Guests
It can often be easy for guests to feel nervous when attending a party when socializing with one another, but using a photographer will allow you to engage your guests and help them to have a bit of fun. A photo booth can be used, which will work as an icebreaker. Digital photos can be printed on the spot and used as favors that are taken home. The photographer will provide your guests with props and can also use different types of backdrops to allow everyone to let loose and interact more with one another. 

Obtain Exposure
Your Tampa convention photography will quickly circulate on social media once your guests obtain their prints. Using a professional photographer will allow you to obtain a form of advertising that can promote the goods or services that you’re selling. You’ll reach a broader audience with pictures that are taken and are immediately uploaded to social media. You can even use a specific hashtag that allows viewers to see other images that were captured during your event and put all of the pictures in one place online.