Corporate Event Season in Florida

Tampa Corporate Events In Full Swing - Post Pandemic

Assignment Details

Client: CertanTeed, RedHawt and CMA Planners
Assignment: Multiple Corporate Events Happening Simultaneously
Location: Saddlebrook Resort, JW Marriott, Tampa Marriott Water St., Tampa Hilton Downtown
Date: November 7th - 11th 2022

Assignment Highlights

1.  CertainTeed  2022 National Sales Meeting 

Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Poolside Cocktail Reception and Dinner:

General Sessions: Keynote Speakers and Speaker /Q&A Panels

Team Building: Demonstrations & Competitions. Games: Corn Hole, Darts, Basketball Hoops, Pool and Ping Pong

Awards Banquet: Cocktail Reception, Dinner, Awards and Hospitality Suite

Cocktail Reception, Dinner, and Casino Night on the 18th Fairway was cancelled on Wednesday, November 9th due to Hurricane Nicole.


Photographer and Multi-Media Slideshow: Steve Poisall




2.  CMA Planners    Traditions Healthcare

Tampa Hilton Downtown

November 10th and 11th

Cancelled due to Hurricane Nicole




3.  RedHawt Creative   Corporate Event Planners

Wolters Kluwer International Sales Meeting

JW Marriott and Tampa Marriott Water Street.


Welcome Reception: Tampa Marriott Water Street.

General Sessions: JW Marriott and Tampa Marriott Water Street.

Team Building: Splitsville

Busch Gardens Experience was cancelled due to Hurricane Nicole. PLAN B. ...every great professional has one. Heather Dellapi and her team at RedHawt Creative put together an amazing corporate party with awesome decorations and entertainment at the JW Marriott.


Photographer: James Monahan



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Assignment Challenges

Planning & Scheduling: October through May is Corporate Event Season in Florida. Sometimes we get multiple clients with multiple day events overlapping each other requiring multiple photographers. Pairing the best photographer for each client can sometimes be challenging. I usually take on the jobs that include executive headshots, large group photos and multi-media slideshows. My associate photographer of 15 years, Jim Monahan can handle headshots, general sessions, speakers, awards and receptions. I also work with David Wright who provides a Photo-Booth experience and Malachi Cull my videographer.


Agendas: It's nice to receive a preliminary agenda when trying to plan and schedule photographers. For some reason, it's like pulling teeth getting our clients to provide one. It's almost like we are expected to just go with the flow, so why do you need an agenda? Agendas help us be prepared with the right equipment and the right time. Knowing what to expect is very helpful to photographers and videographers.


 Logistics: Bringing the best Equipment (and back-up equipment) for the job. Moving seamlessly from one ballroom to another, one hotel to another and to off site venues takes planning and communication with the client,  Meeting Planners and Hospitality Professionals.

Making sure the right photographer is at the right event at the right time with the right equipment.


Weather: We have no control over it, BUT we have to plan for it. Like having backup equipment, it is important to have a back-up plan to account for inclement weather. Hospitality Professionals and Meeting Planners have to consider weather, every-time they plan an outdoor event.  On this particular week, Tampa had to deal with Hurricane Nicole.

Our Solution

I started arranging the award winners as they approached the dance floor, trying to get the taller people in the back and shorting people in the front. If you cannot elevate the group, then elevating the photographer is the next best option. After doing my best to quickly arrange the group in a flattering composition, I would jump up on bar stool and snap off 4-5 quick photos before moving on to the next presentation.