Awards Banquet Photography for Coldwell Banker 2022 Top Producers of the South East

The Gallery Studios was hired to provide awards banquet photography for the Coldwell Bankers annual top performers banquet.

Awards Banquet Photography Details

Client: Coldwell Banker
Assignment: Event Photography for Coldwell Banker's "Top Producers of the South East Awards Banquet"
Location: Raymond James Stadium
Date: March 2022
Service: Awards Banquet Photography

Assignment Highlights

This event marked a continuation of the return to in-person events. The event was held at Ramond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.  The event consisted of an awards presentation, live music, dancing, and networking. The names and photos of honored Realtors were displayed on the jumbotron as well as large video walls and monitors throughout the venue.

Assignment Challenges

Team Awards presentations can be challenging when they consist of large groups of 30+ people. Where do you put all of those people? How do position them so that everyone can be seen? How do you do all of this quickly and seamlessly? It takes experience and a plan.

Ideally, large groups need to be positioned in levels. Stacking the group in levels creates  continuity and a pleasing composition. In suggested slitting the groups, half the group on the stage and half standing in front of the stage. Unfortunately the band had monitors lined up across the stage, so the stage idea was scratched. My second suggestion was to arrange 10-14 chairs on the dance floor to create two levels.

In the end, my client rejected my ideas due to time restraints. They gave me only 15-20 seconds to arrange and photograph each group, before moving on to the next award winners.

Our Solution

I started arranging the award winners as they approached the dance floor, trying to get the taller people in the back and shorting people in the front. If you cannot elevate the group, then elevating the photographer is the next best option. After doing my best to quickly arrange the group in a flattering composition, I would jump up on bar stool and snap off 4-5 quick photos before moving on to the next presentation.