Awards Night for US Housing

Assignment Details

Client: US Housing
Assignment: Headshots, Group Photos, Keynote Speakers, Awards and Reception
Location: The Don CeSar Resort, St. Pete Beach, FL

Assignment Highlights

Executive Headshots

Keynote Speakers

Awards Presentations

Group Photos

Cocktail Reception

Assignment Challenges

Creating an Agenda that flowed smoothly.

Finding the best location to photograph large group photos. I had to consider a groups of 72, 35 and 18.

Creating multiple levels to photograph the large groups.

Our Solution

Scout the Location: Since I am very familiar with The Don CeSar, I knew that the grand staircase in the Courtyard was the perfect location.  Unfortunately, the established agenda was not flexible and I could not shoot the groups until after the sun set.

Have an Open Mind & Be Flexible: The group photos were scheduled for 6:30pm, so it would be dark outside which left us with two options: A.) Have everyone take the elevators from the 5th floor down to the ground level to the Courtyard. Although it will be dark outside, I have power flash units to light large groups and the steps would provide the perfect set up for large group photos. B.) Have the hospitality professionals at The Don CeSar set up risers and banquet chairs.

On the day of the event, it was predicted that it would be raining by 5:00pm, so we went with Plan B. It turned out that Plan B worked out very well. The two eight foot raisers and the twenty banquet chairs were set up in a ballroom just steps away. Having all of the attendees traveling 5 floors in elevators would have taken up a lot of time. Plan B. allowed everyone to attend the cocktail reception much sooner than expected and that pleased everyone!