Corporate Culture at CyberFOX

Assignment Details

Client: CyberFOX

Assignment: Capture their corporate culture and summit with photography and videography

Location: CyberFOX corporate office in Tampa FL.

Date: April 19th & 20th 2023


Assignment Highlights

Corporate Culture: Capture the corporate culture at CyberFox.  Communicate it's inclusive, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Secure IT Summit: Capture video and photos of speakers and audience.

Networking: Capture video and photos of attendees and employees interacting.

Headshots: Update 40 employee headshots.


Assignment Challenges

Scheduling the photography and video in and around a two day corporate event.

Scheduling 40 headshots

The available office lighting was not adequate for a sharp, brilliant video capture.


Our Solution

Considering everything that Cyber Fox wanted accomplish in the time frame they presented, this was a two man job.

I worked closely with my client on creating a timeline for me, the photographer and Malachi the videographer.

Malachi brought powerful lights to light up the presenters from the back of the conference room.

We schedule a 2 hour time block for me to capture the 40 headshots.


Corporate Event

Corporate Headshots