Corporate Culture at MedBest

Assignment Details

Client: MedBest
Assignment: Highlighting the Corporate Culture at MedBest
Location: MedBest 1000 Channelside Dr. Tampa, FL

Assignment Highlights

11th year creating marketing photos for MedBest

Working Action Photos for Career Page

Meetings and Employee Interactions

Group Photos

Team Building at Top Golf

Assignment Challenges

The Keys to communicating the Corporate Culture of a business.

Fly on the Wall: Capturing employees looking natural and not posed or staged.

Expressions: Engaging with the employees to bring out natural and happy expressions.

Background Selection: Photographing employees is clean and attractive spaces

Lighting: Mixing artificial/flash lighting with ambient/fluorescent lighting

Our Solution

Scout the Location: Arrive early to explore the MedBest office space. Deciding the best spaces and the best angels to work in.

Light and Exposure Tests: Figuring out the office lighting and blending it with my flash units to create a natural, well lite environment.

Expressions: Making up realistic and funny working scenarios for each action photo to encourage positive expressions.

Mood: Project a positive, funny and upbeat attitude.