Corporate Event at Raymond James Stadium

Proctor and Gamble National Sales Conference in Tampa, Florida


Proctor and Gamble (Oral Care division) held their 2022 National Sales Meeting at the J W Marriott Water Street in downtown Tampa this past February. Proctor and Gamble's awards ceremony was held at Raymond James Stadium, which hosted Super Bowl LV in the previous year. The atmosphere was electric as the sales managers arrived in a golf card loaded with t-shits that were thrusted into the crowd of over 200 attendees. The jumbotrons displayed the crowd, the presenters and the many of Proctor and Gamble's oral care products like Scope, Crest, Fixodent, and Oral-B.

The Gallery Studios was contracted by Accent on Cincinnati, Cincinnati's premiere event planning company to document the 4 day event for Proctor and Gamble. Steve Poisall and his associate photographer, James Monahan photographed the multi-day conference and provided highlight photos for the closing slideshow at the end of the conference.

Event COVID19 protocols were followed to the letter, temperature checks and mask wearing was required at all times at the JW Marriott. Proctor and Gamble prides itself on exceeding CDC COVID19 guidelines at all times. All of the attendees  and presenters were wearing masks in most of the photographs that Jim and Steve captured at the JW Marriott. Only in outdoor occasions, were the protocols briefly relaxed, as shown in the photographs below.