TD SYNNEX 2024 National Sales Meeting / Corporate Event in Clearwater FL

Assignment Details

Client: TD SYNNEX 

Assignment: Corporate Event Photography

for the 2024 National Sales Meeting

Location:  TD SYNNEX Headquarters in Clearwater, FL

Date: January 2024

Assignment Highlights

Keynote Speakers, Presenters, Vendor Showcase, Headshots, Food Trucks, Team Building Fun (Family Feud), Networking Lunches, and more!

Assignment Challenges

As a corporate event photographer tasked with capturing the essence of the TD SYNNEX National Sales Meeting, there were certainly unique challenges to navigate. Here are some of the challenges I encountered and how I addressed them:

  1. Dynamic Environment

    Corporate events can be fast-paced and dynamic, with multiple activities happening simultaneously. To ensure comprehensive coverage, I developed a detailed shot list and timeline in advance, allowing me to prioritize key moments while remaining flexible to adapt to any changes or additions.

  2. Varied Lighting Conditions

    The event likely took place in various lighting environments, from brightly lit presentation rooms to dimly lit networking areas. I equipped myself with professional-grade camera gear capable of handling different lighting conditions and utilized lighting equipment such as flashes and diffusers when necessary to achieve optimal results.

  3. High Expectations for Quality

    Corporate clients often have high expectations for the quality of photography, as the images may be used for marketing materials, presentations, and internal communications. To meet these expectations, I maintained a high level of professionalism, attention to detail, and creativity throughout the event, ensuring that each image captured the essence of the moment while also meeting technical standards.

  4. Coordinating with Speakers and Presenters

    Coordinating with speakers and presenters to capture compelling images during their presentations required effective communication and collaboration. I worked closely with event organizers to understand the schedule and speaker lineup, positioning myself strategically to capture engaging shots without disrupting the flow of the presentations.

  5. Balancing Coverage of Different Activities

    With a diverse range of activities such as the vendor showcase, headshot sessions, and team building games, I had to ensure that each aspect of the event received adequate coverage while maintaining a cohesive visual narrative. This involved managing my time effectively, prioritizing key moments, and being mindful of transitions between activities to capture smooth and seamless coverage.

Overall, navigating these challenges required a combination of technical skill, creativity, and adaptability. By understanding the unique requirements of the event and working closely with organizers and participants, I was able to overcome these challenges and deliver high-quality photography that captured the essence of the TD SYNNEX National Sales Meeting.


Keynote Speakers and Panel Discussions

Team Building Games and Competitions

Executive Headshots of Award Winners