Corporate Event Photography for NEALS

Assignment Details

Client: NEALS North East ALS Consortium. #NEALS2022
Assignment: Event Photography for NEALS Annual Meeting
Location: Opal Sands Resort - Clearwater Beach
Date: November 2022

Assignment Highlights

11th year photographing this annual meeting

Four Day Event at the beautiful Opal Sands Resort on Clearwater Beach, Florida

Mod / 60s / Psychedelic Theme

  • Day One: Welcome Reception and Abstract Poster Session 1
  • Day Two: General Sessions, Awards Presentations, Reception and Abstract Poster Session 2
  • Day Three: General Sessions, Reception and Abstract Poster Session 3, Group Photo of 300.
  • Day Four: Group Photo of 50, General Sessions, Closing Remarks.

Assignment Challenges

Communication: Solid communication with the NEALS Event Planners, myself and my associate photographer (James Monahan) to make sure that all important events are photographed.

Photographing Large Groups: I have over 40 years experience photographing corporate events and large corporate group photos.

1st Location: Finding the right location is crucial to a successful group photo.

2nd Elevation: Elevation is equally important in photographing large groups. Basically, you have two options, elevate the photographer or create multiple elevations for the group. A grand staircase is ideal, when available. Risers and chairs are my second choice.

3rd Lighting: Now that you have your location and method of elevation figured out, now you need to light your group of 300 people. This takes multiple, powerful strobes and a transmitter/receiver system to synchronize all of your strobes to go off at the same time.

4th Crowd Control: Crowd control can be a challenge at times. It's important to be set up and ready to shoot 30 minutes before the scheduled shoot time. (being late is inexcusable). It's important to be a leader and project a confident and friendly demeanor. Step One: Create a pleasing arrangement of people, where everyone can be seen. Step Two: Keep everyone engaged. It's important to have everyone looking at the camera with a big smile.

Our Solution

Do your Homework: Know or Research your location. Do a "walk through" if you are not familiar with the location. Look for a stairs or a second floor to shoot down from.

Communication: Reach out to the venue's hospitality team for suggestions and to supply raisers and chairs.

Planning: Plan for Success, but be prepared for disaster. Have a backups... location and equipment.