Grand Opening Wabash Trailers in Tampa

Assignment Details

Client: Wabash National's Marketing Department
Assignment: Grand Opening Photo Shoot in Tampa. Day One: Photograph new Tampa facility and provide B roll video for commercials. Day Two: Photograph Grand Opening event.
Location: New Tampa facility at 6801 E Broadway Ave, Tampa, FL 33619
Date: April 2024

Assignment Highlights

Photographing a brand new facility.

Exterior Drone Photos and Video of Wabash's new warehouse

Photographing staff working with customers

Interior Drone Photos and Video of Wabash's parts department.

Photographing the fun and excitement at the Grand Opening event

Assignment Challenges

Grand Opening Photo Shoot in Tampa

Inconsistent Lighting: Warehouses often have a mix of natural light from windows or skylights and artificial lighting from overhead fixtures, which can create uneven lighting conditions.

Large Space: Capturing the vastness of a warehouse can be difficult.

Clutter and Disorganization: Warehouses can be cluttered, which can distract from the main subject of the photograph.

Access and Safety: Navigating a warehouse with heavy machinery and stock can be hazardous.

DRONE Challenges


Operational Safety: Flying a drone over a warehouse near power lines and traffic can be hazardous.

Weather: Flying in good weather is imperative. Flying a drone in strong wind can be tricky.


Limited Space: Warehouses often have confined spaces, making it difficult to maneuver a drone safely.

Obstacles: Shelving units, machinery, and other obstacles can make navigation tricky.

GPS Signal Interference: Indoor environments often interfere with GPS signals, making stable flight difficult.

Camera Stabilization: Keeping the video smooth and stable is essential for professional quality.

Operational Safety: Flying a drone in a warehouse with personnel and machinery can be hazardous.

Our Solution

Pre-Flight Planning: Conduct thorough planning to map out flight paths and identify potential obstacles.

Safety Protocols: Implement strict safety protocols to protect employees and property

Obstacle Detection: Use drones equipped with advanced obstacle detection to avoid collisions with buildings, trees, or other structures.

Controlled Environment: Maintain a controlled environment, with minimal air drafts from ventilation systems.

Communication: Maintain clear communication with team members and have a clear flight plan.

Safety Zones: Establish safety zones where bystanders and personnel should not be present during flight operations.

Maintenance: Regularly maintain and inspect drones to ensure they are in good working condition.

Day One: Exteriors and Interiors of new facility

Day Two: Grand Opening Event