Law Office Photography for Hagood & Hagood

Assignment Details

Client: Hagood & Hagood
Assignment: Law Office Photography for Hagood & Hagood's branding and new website
Location: 250 N Orange Ave # 1114, Orlando, FL 32801
Date: May 2024

Assignment Highlights

Photographing Hagood and Hagood Law Office in Orlando, FL was an engaging and rewarding experience.

  1. Professional Atmosphere: Capturing the refined and professional environment of the firm, which exudes a sense of reliability and expertise.
  2. Team Dynamics: Highlighting the collaborative spirit and camaraderie among the team members, reflecting the firm’s commitment to teamwork and client service.
  3. Individual Portraits: Taking professional headshots of each team member, ensuring their personality and professionalism were reflected in each image.
  4. Office Interiors: Capturing the aesthetics and design of the office space overlooking downtown Orlando, which plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and professional environment for clients.

These elements combined to create a cohesive visual story that truly represents Hagood and Hagood Law Firm’s values, professionalism, and welcoming atmosphere.

Assignment Challenges

Photographing a law firm in a small office space with windows for a background can present several challenges.

  1. Limited Space:
    • Challenge: Small spaces can make it difficult to position lighting and camera equipment properly.
    • Solution: Use compact, portable lighting equipment. Opt for flexible lighting setups like softboxes that can be easily adjusted.
  2. Window Reflections and Glare:
    • Challenge: Windows can cause reflections and glare, affecting the quality of the photographs.
    • Solution: Position the lights at angles that minimize glare and use diffusers to soften the light.
  3. Balancing Natural and Artificial Light:
    • Challenge: Windows can introduce strong natural light, which can create a contrast with the artificial lighting in the room.
    • Solution: Use a combination of natural light and artificial light sources to achieve a balanced exposure. Adjusting the camera settings, (ISO, shutter speed, and aperture), to harmonize the light levels.
  4. Background Distractions:
    • Challenge: The view outside the windows can be distracting or cluttered.
    • Solution: Use shallow depth of field (wide aperture) to blur the background.