Next Door Nurse Commercial Photo-Shoot

Assignment Details

Client:  Nurse Next Door - Brett Freeman
Assignment: Create Marketing photos for new Next Door Nurse franchise
Location: Picnic Island at sunset
Date: May 2024

Assignment Highlights

What an incredibly picturesque scene! The combination of a sunset, a pink wardrobe, and a branded Cooper car made it easy to  create stunning photographs. Capturing an executive team in such a setting adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. It's moments like these that truly highlight the artistry and creativity in photography.


Assignment Challenges

Photographing an executive team with a car on the beach at sunset can present several challenges, but it's also an opportunity to create truly memorable images. Here are some of the challenges I encountered:

  1. Lighting: Sunset lighting can be beautiful, but it changes rapidly, so you'll need to work quickly to capture the perfect shot before the light fades. Additionally, balancing the natural light of the sunset with artificial lighting for the team and the car can be tricky.
  2. Weather: Outdoor shoots are always at the mercy of the weather, and beach shoots can be particularly unpredictable. Wind, sand, and potential rain can all impact the shoot, so having backup plans in place is crucial.
  3. Composition: Incorporating the car into the composition in a way that feels natural and complements the executive team can be a creative challenge. You'll need to find the right angles and perspectives to highlight both the team and the car effectively.
  4. Coordination: Working with a group of executives means managing schedules and expectations. Ensuring that everyone is comfortable and confident during the shoot while still capturing natural and authentic moments can require strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Branding: In a space as competitive as private-duty home care, you need a brand that turns heads. The Nurse Next Door brand’s icon is a flower-heart bursting with joy in the colors yellow and pink. It symbolizes our core purpose of Making Lives Better and unique trademark concept of Happier Aging™.

Our Solution

Listening to your client: During the photos session, Brett explained the franchise's mission... Happier Aging. The pop of colors and our equally bright attitudes makes us stand out from the crowd. It's all about bring back the joy in the lives of their clients.

Despite these challenges, photographing an executive team with a car on the beach at sunset offers a unique opportunity to create striking and memorable images that capture the spirit of their brand. With careful planning, creativity, experience, and adaptability, I overcame these challenges and produced stunning photographs that exceeded their expectations.