Hood Packaging 2024 National Meeting

Assignment Details

Client: Hood Packaging
Assignment: Professional corporate group photo of 140 attendees at Hood Packaging's 2024 National Meeting.
Location: Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, FL
Date: February 2024

Assignment Highlights

Hood Packaging is a repeat client, they contact us every time their conference is in Orlando fl.

Photographing a large corporate group offers a multitude of highlights, from capturing diverse personalities to celebrating achievements and fostering connections. It's a dynamic and rewarding experience that allows you to showcase your skills as a photographer while contributing to the success of the event.

Successfully photographing professional corporate group photos can be immensely satisfying, both creatively and professionally. Seeing your work appreciated and valued by clients, and knowing that you've contributed to capturing moments of significance, brings a sense of fulfillment and pride especially when I see the finished 140 - 8x10 prints in deluxe black folders.


Assignment Challenges

Professional Corporate Group Photos are always a challenge.


Managing such a large group requires careful planning and organization. Coordinating schedules, ensuring everyone is in the right place at the right time, and communicating effectively with event organizers and resort personnel are crucial aspects.

Location, Location, Location, is Critical:

Having enough space to create the best composition is always challenging, especially if there are other events happening concurrently. Fortunately, the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort has multiple large staircases within the resort that can accommodate a large corporate group. Unfortunately, the resort didn't allow us access to one of their super wide, large staircases and assigned us to a much smaller, inadequate one. My point of contact was in a meeting and I didn't have time to track down the resort person in charge of their event. I had to make a quick decision. I located another much larger staircase close by that was flanked by two escalators. It wasn't as wide as I'd like, but it provided just enough room to accommodate 140 people and was in view of the designated area that everyone was told to meet.


Ensuring proper composition and lighting for a large group can also be tricky. Large groups require several powerful flash units. Managing equipment for such a large shoot can be challenging. Ensuring you have the necessary gear, backups, and accessories, as well as dealing with any technical issues that may arise, requires careful preparation and experience.

Time Constraints:

With a large group, time is of the essence. Capturing professional corporate group photos efficiently while still ensuring quality and attention to detail is essential. It's important to have a clear plan and schedule to make the most of the available time.

Directing and Engaging Participants:

Keeping everyone engaged and attentive during the shoot can be difficult, especially with a large group. Providing clear instructions and guidance, as well as maintaining a positive and enthusiastic demeanor, can help ensure cooperation and participation from all attendees. Many of the attendees still had cocktails in their hands upon their arrival. Alcohol tends to decrease the cooperation level of your guests and is not recommended prior to such are large undertaking.

Overall, successfully photographing professional corporate group photos requires careful planning, effective communication, and the ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges. However, with proper preparation and professionalism, it can be a rewarding and memorable experience for both the photographer and the attendees.

Our Solution

Equipment Preparation:

Ensure you have the necessary equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting gear, and accessories, as well as backups in case of technical issues. Familiarize yourself with the equipment and conduct test shots to optimize settings for the shooting environment.

Time Management:

Develop a clear schedule and timeline for the shoot, allocating sufficient time for setup, group coordination, and capturing shots. Prioritize key moments and group configurations to maximize efficiency and productivity.


Be prepared to adapt to unexpected challenges or changes in the shooting environment. Stay flexible and creative in problem-solving, adjusting plans and techniques as needed to overcome obstacles and capture high-quality images.