The Power of Green Screen Photography

Assignment Details

Client: Michael Gross
Assignment: Green Screen Photography. Create powerful marketing images to launch a new business
Location: Our Hyde Park photography studio
Date: April 2023

Assignment Highlights

Maximizing the power of green screen photography.

A collaboration with Mr. Gross to create realistic photographs using specific green screen techniques. Michael wanted to appear that he was speaking at a conference and interacting with his clients.

Assignment Challenges

Poses: Creating realistic poses in my studio that would translate well into a real life setting.

Backgrounds: Locating a variety of backgrounds that would tell the story that Michael wanted to tell.

Foreground: Michael wanted to appear in a one on one meeting with a client. I could not find any photos of a man between 40 and 60 years old, from the perfect angle.


Our Solution

Poses: We took a variety of photos of Michael pretending to talk to a large crowd, presenting at a mid-sized meeting and a one on one discussion.

Backgrounds: Using photos from past corporate events. Purchasing stock office backgrounds from

Foreground: My wife Char photographed me from the back which worked our perfectly.


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