Wealth Advisors Photo Shoot in St. Petersburg, FL

Assignment Details

Client: Kallenekos Marino Group / RBC Wealth Management
Assignment: Headshots and Team photos for their website and marketing materials
Location: At their St. Petersburg, Fl office
Date: March 2024

Assignment Highlights


Using studio lights and background, I photographed each of the 6 team members individually in one of the conference rooms

Group Photos:

I selected their multi-function lobby area for the first team photo location. I chose the atrium of the office building for my second location and the front of their building for the last location.

Overall Experience:

The overall experience was positive and rewarding. Everyone was on time, cooperative, and enjoyed the overall experience. I was pleased with the locations I chose, equipment performance and efficiency of the two hour photo session.

Assignment Challenges

Scheduling Conflicts:

Coordinating a time that works for all the wealth advisors and the photographer can be challenging, especially if they have busy schedules or conflicting commitments.

Limited Space:

The office space may be limited, making it difficult to find suitable areas for photography without distractions or clutter in the background.

Lighting Issues:

Ensuring adequate lighting for professional-quality photographs can be challenging, especially if the office has limited natural light or if the available lighting is harsh or uneven.

Background Considerations:

Finding a suitable background that reflects the professionalism and branding of the wealth advisors while also minimizing distractions can be challenging, especially in a busy office environment.

Coordinating Group Shots:

Coordinating group shots with multiple wealth advisors can be challenging, especially if everyone needs to be in the same place at the same time and looking their best.

Wardrobe Choices:

Ensuring that all the wealth advisors are dressed appropriately for the photo session and that their clothing choices align with the desired image and branding can be challenging.

Keeping Everyone Comfortable:

Ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and confident during the photo session can be challenging, especially if some wealth advisors are camera-shy or uncomfortable being photographed.

Technical Issues:

Dealing with technical issues such as camera or flash malfunctions, memory card failures, or other equipment problems can disrupt the flow of the photo session and cause delays.

Our Solution

Preparation and Planning:

Schedule the photo session well in advance and communicate clearly with the corporate office to ensure everyone is aware of the timing and requirements. Plan out the logistics, such as the location for the photoshoot, the order of the headshots, and the timing for group photos.

Coordinate with Participants:

Communicate with each participant individually to discuss wardrobe choices, grooming, and any specific preferences they may have for their headshots. Provide guidance on what to wear to ensure a cohesive look across all photos.

Bring Backup Equipment:

To avoid technical issues disrupting the photoshoot, bring backup camera equipment, memory cards, batteries, and lighting equipment. Be prepared for any unexpected challenges that may arise during the session.

Establish a Workflow:

Develop a clear workflow for capturing headshots and group photos efficiently. Start with individual headshots and then move on to group photos, ensuring that everyone is organized and ready when it's their turn to be photographed.

Keep the Atmosphere Relaxed:

Create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during the photoshoot to help participants feel at ease in front of the camera. Use positive reinforcement and provide gentle direction to ensure natural and authentic expressions.

Review and Adjust:

Periodically review the photos as you go to ensure that you're capturing the desired results. Make adjustments to lighting, composition, and posing as needed to achieve the best possible outcome.

Follow Up and Deliver:

After the photoshoot, follow up with participants to provide them with access to their headshots and group photos. Ensure timely delivery of the final edited images, and address any additional requests or feedback from the corporate office.

By anticipating and addressing these challenges proactively, helped ensure a smooth and successful photo session for the Kallenekos Marino Group.