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Movers and shakers like to make things happen. They also like to look good doing so. Don’t settle for a quick photo of the leadership team sitting around the conference room table, taken with someone’s smartphone.

Get the kind of shots that tell everyone you mean business. You know, ones so good that you’ll display them where clients and prospects can see.

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Considerations for your Executive Group Photo

Location: The number of executives in your group business portrait will be a factor in determining the location of your photography session. The background of your group business portrait will play an important role in the overall impression on your potential clients. Our Tampa photography studio is a good option for group business portraits of up to 8 executives.

Wardrobe: Professional Executive Attire. Solid, Darker colors, with a pop of color in ties, blouses, and scarfs is Best!  Dark colors slenderize, Light colors tend to expand. A  consistent, unified look is the goal. Don’t forget about polishing your shoes!

Posing & Positioning: Here is where an experienced professional photographer earns this money. Knowing how to work with people, placing each individual in a flattering pose, while creating an interesting configuration of the group as a whole.

Expression: What do you want your business portrait to say to your potential clients? That you are warm and approachable or serious and determined?

Green Screen Option for Business Group Photos

Green Screen is always a good option for Flexibility!

Flexible Backgrounds. Change your Background to suit a variety of marketing preferences.

Avoid Scheduling Conflicts. Many times scheduling multiple executives to be in the same place at the exact same, is impossible. Each executive and be photographed at our Tampa photography studio on different days and then combined into a group business portrait in post-production.

Coming and Going: Green-Screen photography allows for the add and removal of team members as your company changes. Imagine trying to re-photograph your group every time you change team members.

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