Headshot Retouching

Headshot Retouching

Many of my clients are curious about headshot retouching. I believe that headshot retouching is critical for all business headshots. You only have a tenth of a second to make a good first impression!  Think twice before posting an un-retouched headshot on your website and social media.

The retouching process is an art form. Like artwork, everyone has a different perspective and opinion. I offer varying degrees of retouching (Basic, Deluxe and Celebrity). Our post popular are Deluxe retouching and Celebrity retouching.

Deluxe Retouching

The main focus is face, neck, teeth, and hair. Facial shine and blemishes will be removed. Dark circles and lines under and around the eyes will be soften or removed. Neck lines will be softened or removed, our teeth will be whitened and all fly-a-way hair removed.

Celebrity Retouching

Just like the name implies, your business headshot will look like your favorite celebrity's photos. The Celebrity Retouching upgrade is almost unlimited! Celebrity Retouching can reduce weight, open eyes, straighten teeth, provide you with flawless skin, remove wrinkles from your wardrobe and more! All of my clients rave about Celebrity treatment, especially the weight reduction.


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Green Screen

I believe that Green Screen Photography is very much underrated and underutilized by many businesses. However, most seasoned marketing professionals understand the power of the PNG photo. The ability to change the background of an executive portrait at will, is priceless! The possibilities are endless!


Not all green screen photography is created equal. Removing a subject from a background (correctly) is a delicate process. Sure, Adobe Photoshop continues to improve it's capabilities, however artificial intelligence can only do so much. The AI process often leaves a white outline around the subject and therefore must be addressed. All of the edges of the subject must be carefully refined and perfected in order to look believable in it's new environment/background.  Start looking out for the tell-tale, thin, white outline around a person on marketing pieces and websites to spot substandard green screen photography.