How much does a professional Headshot cost?

How much does a professional Headshot cost?

An Established Full-Time Photography Studio charges $250 – $750.

Many people ask me how much does a Professional Headshot cost?    things to consider…

Are you established or just getting started? How much are you willing to spend? What is the headshot for? What Industry are you in?  Are you confident in your appearance? Are you confident in front of a camera? Is connecting with people important in your industry?

Not all Headshot Photographers are created equal.


New, less experienced Headshot Photographers charge less than Photographers who have many years of experience.


Typically, low-end Headshot Photographers offer little to no photo editing, while high-end Headshot Photographers pride themselves on higher quality, and have mastered their retouching skills.

On-Location vs Studio:

A location headshot photo session costs more because of the additional time needed for travel, pack up, set up, and tear down equipment.


While the iPhone creates great photos, the camera equipment, lighting equipment, computers, and editing software necessary to create great Headshot Portraits cost a lot of money.


Your photographer’s personality can greatly affect the outcome of your professional headshot. If yours gets you feeling comfortable and confident,  that will be conveyed in your finished headshot

Amateur $35 – $55

Someone who takes a better picture than you. Knows a little about exposure and composition, what looks pretty good and what looks bad. Has no retouching skills

Part-Time Newbie $100 – $150

An amateur who has gained 3-5 years experience, taken the next step, and invested in a prosumer camera, has a better knowledge about lighting and composition.

Has little retouching skills and hasn’t figured out how to run a profitable business yet

👉🏼 Established Full Time Photography Studio $250 – $750   (view our headshots)

Professional Photographer 15 – 40 years experience, with professional equipment, mastered studio and natural lighting, proficient in Adobe Photoshop, has a professional studio, has a business license, and business insurance.

Offers guidance on how to best prepare for your photo session, wardrobe tips, hair and make-up tips, etc. Some professional photographers offer green screen options for your professional headshot. Having the ability to change the background of your professional headshot can greatly improve the creativity of your marketing and social media.

Celebrity Photographer ( NY or LA )  $1000 and up

Has great marketing and networking skills. Has photographed ten or more famous people.

Hair, make-up artist, and retouchers on staff, etc.

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