It’s Important To Update Attorney Headshots

It’s Important to update attorney headshots. Whether you’re a partner in a boutique firm, an associate at a large law practice, or a solo attorney, it’s crucial to project a professional image. The single most effective way to do that is with a portrait taken by someone skilled in attorney headshots.

A great portrait communicates several things at once. It is a visual representation of your professionalism, competence, character, and kindness. 

When a prospective client gazes at your photo, they’ll form their first impression of you. Therefore, you’ve got to make it count.

Your look evolves over time – so should your attorney headshot

Why update your attorney headshot every few years?  For one thing, you’re getting older, like the rest of us. A current headshot will reflect who you are today. 

When you rely on an old photo, it can confuse people, as one attorney discovered when he met with a prospect in his office not long ago: “One look from my client said it all. ‘Do I have the right guy? Am I in the right office’ “? 

After an awkward silence, the attorney began his presentation. “While referring to my bio on the firm’s website, it hit me – my headshot was over 12 years old! I didn’t look like that guy anymore,” he said.

Updated attorney headshots ensures brand consistency 

When you sit down with a client for the first time face to face, you want them to recognize you from your photo. They’ve probably seen it on your firm’s website, like the attorney with the outdated headshot, or in your personal LinkedIn profile. 

When your look is consistent across the board, it makes clients feel comfortable that you’re the real deal. When it’s not, they may be unsure what to expect from you and your firm.

As the attorney with the outdated portrait remembers, “I was a little embarrassed and self-conscious, and I didn’t give my best presentation that day.”

He offered the following advice: “Update your headshot and be proud of who you have become.”

A great attorney headshot will boost your confidence

While it takes time out of your busy day to schedule an attorney headshot and sit for a portrait, the pluses far outweigh the minuses. 

Here’s yet another reason to update it.

Say you are promoted or selected to serve on the board of a nonprofit or your professional association. Would your headshot measure up to those of the other movers and shakers featured in the business section of the local newspaper?

When you know you look your best, you feel more confident.  

Choose the right photographer for this important task

Once you decide to update your attorney headshot, it’s important to select someone with a strong track record. 

If your firm has a marketing staff, they’ll usually take care of the details. But if you’re a solo practitioner, it won’t take you long to visit the photographer’s website and view their portfolio. 

Also, check out their Google business page and social media feeds. And be sure to read reviews written and comments made by previous clients. This way, you’ll know what to expect.

To summarize, it’s time to schedule an appointment if your executive headshot is over five years old.  

When you find a photographer with the knowledge and experience you offer your own clients, you’ll leave the studio with a portrait that reflects your brand, impresses your peers, and inspires prospective clients to retain your services.