Why You Should Trust Me To Do Your Professional Headshot

Why You Should Trust Me to Do Your Professional Headshot? I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Before you hire a professional headshot photographer, do your homework. If you’re like most people, you’ll begin by typing photographer Tampa, Tampa headshot photographer, or photographers near me, into a Google search box. 

For those of you using a PC, laptop or tablet, on the left side of your screen, this will normally pull up a list with links to their website, Facebook page, and Yelp reviews. 

On the right-hand side of your screen, you’ll typically see a column featuring the Google business listing. It includes:

  • the name and image of the person or business
  • reviews the photographer has received 
  • the physical address
  • business hours
  • phone number, and 
  • website address

If you use a cell phone to do this search, you’ll get the Google business listing – just at the top of your screen. 

It will be followed by the other links I mentioned. (The words “professional headshot” or “headshot photographer” may or may not appear in the brief description that accompanies these links.)

It’s about social proof (reviews)

Of course, I could buy ads on TV, radio, in the local newspapers, or online. But these days, people are much more likely to believe what other people say about a business on social media, then what the business owner says about themselves. 

That’s right: consumers often trust other consumers and their experiences more than traditional advertising. This phenomenon is known in the marketing industry as social proof.

My good reputation means everything to me. I’ve earned it by giving my clients my undivided, respectful attention when they schedule a professional headshot – and collaborating with them to produce a superior product. 

You can’t just be OK with your professional headshot. I want you to be absolutely thrilled.

Why you should trust me to do your professional headshot?

Take a look at the reviews my clients have posted on Google and you’ll understand pretty quickly what to expect.

Here’s a recent comment from Cecelia Moss: “I can only say great things about The Gallery Studios!!! Steve is an incredible photographer. My photo shoot appointment was a success because of Steve’s expertise,” Cecelia said. 

“I had a professional headshot done and was very pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend him!”

Not long ago, Mary Heise came in to get an updated professional headshot. “Working from home during the pandemic meant much more time on virtual meetings and conferences,” she explained. I wanted something more professional I could use for a variety of applications. Steve did a great job.” 

Mary added, “I only wish I had done it sooner!”

Expect to be pleased!

As I mentioned before, I don’t just point my camera at a client and click! click! click! It’s a collaboration between me and you, the subject. Bo Sellitti discovered this a week ago when he came to The Gallery Studios for a professional headshot.

“I dreaded having my photo taken, especially after the Florida heat and humidity took effect to melt me just before the shoot,” Bo shared in his Google review. 

“Somehow, Steve produced a great photo.”

That Bo was anxious when he arrived, but happy when he left, told me I did my job. 

After nearly 40 years in the business, I’ve worked with a lot of people – and navigated all types of situations, both in the studio and outside of it. I’m calm, flexible and, again, committed to you being very satisfied with the final product. We’re a team.

So, if you need your first professional headshot, want to update an old business portrait, or are looking for someone also skilled in corporate photography, including events, get in touch and let’s talk!