Can I use a selfie as my professional headshot?

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Can I use a selfie as my professional headshot? Using a selfie or a cropped photo as your professional headshot is generally not recommended. A professional headshot is meant to present you in a polished and business-like manner, reflecting your competence and professionalism. While selfies and cropped photos may be suitable for casual or personal…

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3 Things to Improve Your Photos!

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Three things to Improve Your Photos I believe in sharing the joy of photography with others. So here are three ideas to help ensure your pictures of friends and family are works of art. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a digital camera or your smartphone. These tips will help you improve your family photos…

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How a Photographer Captures Headshots

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How a Photographer Captures Headshots will greatly effect the outcome. What’s the main reason a business person avoids updating their professional headshot photo? Because they had a bad experience with a photographer in the past.  I’ve seen this over and over again. While many photographers possess lots of technical expertise, some lack a warm, personable, and patient personality. Putting a nervous client at ease…

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Green Screen Photographer

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Tampa Green Screen Photographer Upgrade your Marketing Efforts X 100 with Green Screen Photography The Gallery Studios is your  “go-to” green screen photographer in Tampa. When done correctly, Green Screen photography saves you tons of time and money! Save Time: Spend just 30 minutes in studio photo-session at our cozy, air conditioned Hyde Park Photography…

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The Importance of an Updated Headshot

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The Importance of an Updated Headshot is more important now more than ever! The COVID19 pandemic has changed the way we do business. Social distancing, wearing masks, travel bans, working from home, and Zoom conferences. We now have fewer opportunities to sell ourselves “Win Friends and Influence People” face to face. Your Business Profile Photo…

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Specializing in Business Headshots for over 30 years

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Why should I choose The Gallery Studios to shoot my Headshot? Tampa Headshot Photographer Specializing in Business Headshots for over 30 years We provide a Luxury Experience        Convenient Hyde Park Location Warm, Friendly, Charming Atmosphere         Personalized Service 5 Star Reviews Steve Poisall Owner/Photographer/Retoucher     Relaxed & Fun Photo Session…

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Law Firm Marketing Photos

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Law Firm Marketing Photos Green Screen provides unlimited possibilities! Take your marketing photos to the next level with green screen backgrounds. Each attorney can be photographed separately at our studio and later incorporated into different backgrounds /scenarios, even into a group photo. Before & After Professional Retouching   Finished Photo with Virtual Background created in…

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Architectural Photography

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Architectural Photography Realestate Photography –  Aerial Photography and Video Milan Custom Homes at Steeple Chase in Odessa, FL Ballmont Estate   Nanny QuartersNanny Quarters

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