Professional Wardrobe Tips for your Headshot

How to prepare for your Executive Headshot

Preparing for an executive headshot involves several steps to ensure you look your best and project the professional image you want. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get ready:

1. Plan Ahead

  • Schedule: Book your session well in advance. Choose a time when you are likely to be well-rested and not rushed.
  • Consultation: Discuss with your photographer about your vision, preferred style, and any specific requirements you have. A good headshot photographer will provide you with Wardrobe Tips.
  • Dry Cleaners: Make your wardrobe selections well in advance to allow enough time to get them dry cleaned. Stained and or wrinkled clothing can be detrimental to your professional headshot.

2. About Your Wardrobe

  • Clothing: Choose professional, well-fitted outfits. Solid colors work best; avoid busy patterns and logos. Clean, pressed clothing is critical in maintaining a professional look.
  • Dark Colors Slenderize: Dark colors slenderize and light colors expand.
  • Long Sleeves: Long Sleeves are a must. (less shin is more)
  • Neck Line: Avoid plunging neck lines. (less shin is more)
  • Pop of Color: It is recommended to add a "pop of color" to your outfit. We recommend a bright colored blouse or tie. Skittle Colors: Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange or Green.
  • Options: Feel free to bring multiple shirts, blouses, ties, or jackets. We will help you with the best possible combination.
  • Accessories: Keep them minimal and professional. Simple jewelry, a classic watch, and nothing too flashy.

3. Day of your Photo Session

  • Arrival: Arrive on time to avoid feeling rushed. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.
  • Dressing Room: Take deep breaths and relax. Our dressing is stocked with everything you need for your final preparations. Trust your photographer to guide you through the process.

4. During the Shoot

  • Posing: Steve will guide you through the entire process. After a quick facial analysis, Steve will determine your best side and pose you accordingly.
  • Review: We will review your images "in real time" during your photo session. We have an easy selection system to narrow down your photographs until the perfect photo is selected. This is also a great opportunity to make adjustments to your hair, wardrobe, pose or lighting.
  • Retouching: Please feel free to discuss any retouching concerns. Steve prides himself and an excellent retoucher. Need to drop a few pounds? Steve can make that happen!
Wardrobe tips for your headshot