It’s Important To Update Attorney Headshots

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It’s Important to update attorney headshots. Whether you’re a partner in a boutique firm, an associate at a large law practice, or a solo attorney, it’s crucial to project a professional image. The single most effective way to do that is with a portrait taken by someone skilled in attorney headshots. A great portrait communicates…

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Do I need a Profession a Headshot?

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Steve Poisall and the Gallery Studios has been providing professional headshots and corporate photography to the Greater Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. All business executives need a polished portrait to market themselves. A selfie taken with your smartphone simply won’t do.  Why professional headshots are so important Your website is your gateway to…

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How much does a professional Headshot cost?

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How much does a professional Headshot cost? An Established Full-Time Photography Studio charges $250 – $750. Many people ask me how much does a Professional Headshot cost?    things to consider… Are you established or just getting started? How much are you willing to spend? What is the headshot for? What Industry are you in?…

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How Photography Impacts Your Marketing

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How Photography Impacts Your Marketing? Photography and Graphics dictate how we see the world. Businesses can sink or swim based on their visual images.  Having clear branding provides your potential clients with a shortcut as they’re deciding between your firm and a competitor, and professional headshots are a very, very important part of that branding.…

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Law Firm Marketing Photos

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Law Firm Marketing Photos Specializing in Attorney Headshots The Gallery Studios is the official photographer for Sessums Black Caballero Ficarrotta for the past 8 years. We provide studio headshots, marketing photos of the partners and their staff, and their annual Valentine’s Day Client Appreciation Event Stephen Sessums, Caroline Black Sikorske, Alex Caballero, Jennifer Ficcarrotta, Andrew Reader, and…

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Why Do I Need a Professional Headshot?

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Healthcare Marketing Photos

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Looking for a photographer who understands the needs of healthcare marketing professionals? Look no further, The Gallery Studios has been serving the needs of healthcare marketing professionals for over 25 years. Our most popular scenario is studio photo-sessions with a green screen post-production treatment resulting in a PNG file with a transparent background. This PNG…

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Law Firm ReBranding

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The Gallery Studios specializes in Marketing Photography for Law Firms We can provide beautiful imagery to give your website a fresh, new look! Reinforcing of your Brand with Professional Photography Building an Image Library Building a relationship with professional photographer (who specializes in executive portraiture) can be a very important ally in reinforcing your brand.…

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